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What is the meaning of success?

According to me people are successful it is not about how big your salary, what car you drive, what you wear gadgets, branded goods what you got, how fancy your wedding party, to which country your honeymoon .... 
Success is when you are able to set aside part of your income for the parent, and will no longer be their parasites.

I've been told not on anyone's him, DO not waste people that keep you from hellfire because you do not know when he would disappear no matter how long.

Never hesitate to ask for help to someone that you think is good for you ....

I've told you not  force harbored a problem that can not afford km faced his own must Because story to me I do not have any right to force you...but try to understand your own heart then try to understand other people's hearts because what if understand each other will bring good results for the future....yes even though it took the name of an escort every effort .....

It is not the pleasure of the world means nothing, but like great drops of honey. So who's just a little taste, it will survive. Namian who throw themselves into it, he will perish.

Oh yes if you want to be someone in life ...
If you want to get something .... 
If you want to win something, always listen to your heart. And if it does not give you the answer .... 
Close your eyes and think of your parents. Then all the barriers and obstacles to be destroyed, and you'll get what you want. The victory is only yours.

The downfall we are not beginning for our grief. Instead beginning for our resurrection. Never let the sadness and grief of our escort.

Silence means death I open
My silence only to keep the heart
In silence I prayed a lot
In silence I had a lot to learn
To achieve in the future.

Everything good that we do
Will present the final results later
Likewise there will be a smile sadri heart.

insults bring blessing

insults bring blessing
One day, a young man drove the loaded contains dozens of books to the office floors 7 at a university when he shouldered the books waiting in the elevator, a security guard who is 55 years old approached him and said: "The lift is for professors and lecturers, others do not allowed to wear this lift, you must pass the stairs ....! 

" Young man explaining to the guard:

"I just want to deliver this book In this car to the office floor 7, is the campus's order book"

However, with violent security guard said:
I said yes should not, should not, you're not a professor or lecturer, should not use this lift

The two men were arguing long enough in front of the elevator door, but, the guard insisted it will not budge. In the minds of the young man thought, if you want to transport the finished book full In this car, at least not have to go back and forth 20 times more to the 7th floor, it will be very tiring

Then, the young man could not hold back any longer guard troublesome, then once crossed his mind, he moved a pile of books to the corner of the hall, then walked away.

After that, the young man explained the events that happened to the boss, and the boss can understand, while also submitted a letter of resignation to the boss, and soon after that he went to the bookstore to buy learning materials high school and reference books, with tears in his eyes he swore I had to work hard, to be able to pass to go to college, I would not let the abused person again.

During the 6 months before the exam, this young man studying for 14 hours every day, because he realized that the time is not much, he could no longer retreat, as he idled, in his mind wanders to the insults of security that does not allow him to wear a lift, imagine this discrimination, he immediately spur enthusiasm, hard work and double tuck.

Later, the young man finally managed to pass it into one institute of medical science. And now, for over 20 years have passed, the young man finally managed to become a doctor clinic.

The doctor thought for a moment, when it is, if it were not for security deliberate complicate how could he wiped the tears from the insult, and stand boldly?

He was indebted to the security insult

Sustenance many forms

Yesterday the rain started at 9 am, a peanut merchant passenger shelter on the porch of my shop. Still full cart, nuts neat. I see him open a small book, apparently the Koran. He diligently with Al-Quran. Up to 10 hours of rain has not stopped.  I started to worry because there is no buyer comes deserted.

I'm out giving water.

"If the rainy season also sell bother ya, sir ..." .. "How much really."

He smiled, "Yes bu .. Hopefully there is a provision ..." He replied.

"Aamiin," I said.

"If you do not run out how, sir?". I asked.

"If not finished yes risks, Bu .., like beans, corn is already open ya love to neighbors, they were also happy to be removed. like maize, beans, cassava is still good to keep. Hopefully just got alms, "he said smiling. "If the rain continues till the afternoon how, sir?" I asked again.

"Thank God my bu ... Means sustenance today allowed a lot of prayer. when rain is the time for prayer efficacious bu ... "he said with a smile.

"Get a chance to ask and sustenance, Bu ..."

"If you do not get money how, sir?" I asked again.

"Then my good fortune to be patient, Bu ... God set sustenance, Bu ... I depend same God .. What aja form of fortune that God love ya I'm grateful wrote. But Alhamdulillah, I was selling salad has never been hungry.

"Never not be any money at all, not unexpectedly neighbors thought ngirimin food. Bu find what we live, which is important to eat let no power for worship and business, "he said again as he put Alqurannya into the box on the cart.

"While the rain patter, Mom ... I can walk and thanked, Bu ..."

I was floored ... Imagine my embarrassment, filled with anxiety when the rain comes, so worried fortune to ignore the material was obtained favor in sight.

I became aware that the provision of guidance, can worship, be grateful and patient is much ... much more valuable than money, possessions and positions ... "Then my good fortune to be patient, Bu ... God set sustenance, Bu ... I depend same God .. What aja form of fortune that God love ya I'm grateful wrote. But Alhamdulillah, I was selling salad has never been hungry.

"Never not be any money at all, not unexpectedly thought neighbors to send food. Bu find what we live, which is important to eat let no power for worship and business, "he said again as he put Alqurannya into the box on the cart.

"While the rain patter, Mom ... I can walk and thanked, Bu ..."

I was floored ... Imagine my embarrassment, filled with anxiety when the rain comes, so worried fortune to ignore the material was obtained favor in sight.

I became aware that the provision of guidance, can worship, be grateful and patient is much ... much more valuable than money, possessions and positions ...


1. If filled mineral water, 3 IDR price ...

2. If it is filled fruit juice, it costs 10 IDR ...

3. If required Honey Yemen, it costs hundreds of thousands of ...

4. If filled chanel perfume can cost millions.

5. If the water drains filled, only to be discarded in the trash because there is no direct cost and there was no one who likes.

Bottle same but the price is different, because what is filled in it is different ...

So did we ... we are all equal ... we're all human ... that distinguish us from each other are. TAQWA, FAITH & CHARITY that is in us ... that would cause us valuable on our side of GOD or GOD despised by then thrown into hell ...

"...... In fact the person who most glorious sight of Allah is the most righteous person who, indeed, Allah is knowing, Most conscientious"

the story of Uwais al Qarni

In Yemen, there lived a young man named Uwais Al Qarni leper, his mottled. Although disabled, he is a pious young man and very dedicated to her mother. Her mother is an elderly woman who was paralyzed. Uwais always took care of his mother and meets all requests. Only one tall order he granted it. "My son, maybe Mom would soon be together with you, so that Mom can ikhtiar pilgrims," pleaded his mother. Uwais pensive, the journey to Mecca is far past the hot barren desert. People usually use the camel and bring plenty of supplies. However Uwais very poor and do not have a vehicle. Uwais kept thinking to find a way out. Then, buy a calf, I wonder to what the calf? Not possible to go Haji ride bulls. Uwais turned out to make a cage at the top of the hill.
Every morning he was back and forth carrying the calf up and down hills. "Uwais Uwais crazy .. crazy ..." said the people. Well, it's odd behavior indeed Uwais. Never a day passes he carried bull ride down the hill. Makin day the calf grew, and the greater the power needed Uwais. But because the exercises every day, enlarged calf was not felt anymore.   After 8 months passed, came the Hajj season. Ox Uwais has reached 100 kg, as well as her growing muscle Uwais. He became a strong lifting. Now people know what the purpose Uwais carrying bulls every day. It turns out he was training to carry his mother.Uwais mother cradling walk from Yemen to Mecca! Subhan Allah, how great a love Uwais his mother. He was willing to travel long distances and difficult, in order to fulfill her mother's wishes.  Uwais marched carrying her tawaf at the Ka'bah. His mother moved and tears have seen Baitullah. In front of the Kaaba, the mother and child to pray. "O Allah, forgive all the sins of the mother," Uwais said. "What sins?" his mother asked, surprised. Uwais said, "With Mother terampunnya sin, then I will go to heaven. Suffice blessing of the mother would take me to heaven."

Subhan Allah, that is what Uwais sincere and loving. Allah also gave gifts, Uwais instantly healed sopaknya. Just behind the white dots ditengkuknya. Do you know what the wisdom of the sphere are left in the nape? it is a sign to Umar bin Khattab and Ali ibn Abi Talib, the two prominent companions of the Prophet Muhammad to recognize Uwais.

He deliberately sought both Uwais around the Kaaba because Rasulullah SAW said 'At times you will be born a man whose prayers are very fulfilled. You both go looking for him. He will come from the direction of Yemen, he grew up in Yemen. He will appear in your age, look for him. When he met her for help both for you both. "

"God forbid upon you, ungodly mothers and disclaims any duty, and ask that is not right, and kill the child alive, and God hates you a lot of talk, and a lot to ask similarly squandered (scatter wealth)." (HR. Bukhari and Muslim).

the value of thrift

Equally as human beings, whether black and white short high, but the difference in value is sincerity in effort and hard work.

He is black, was born in the slums of Brooklyn, New York, he passed his life in a poor neighborhood and is full of discrimination.

One day his father gave him a piece of used clothing,
"You think, how the value of this outfit?"

He replied, "Probably USD 1."

"Could be sold for $ 2?
If successful, it means you have to help my father and mother. "

"I will try it."

Then he took the clothes to the subway station and sell for more than six hours, he managed to sell $ 2 and ran home.

Later, his father again gave him a piece of used clothing,
"Try you sell for $ 20?"

"How could it be?
This outfit is the most just USD 2. "

His father said, "Why are you ill try it first?"

Finally, he got the idea. He enlisted the help of his cousin to describe a funny Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse a rogue on the clothing. He then sold it in school children of the rich, and the behavior of USD 25.

His father returned to give him a piece of used clothing,
"Are you able to sell it with the price of $ 200?"

This time he accepted without the slightest doubt, incidentally popular film actress "Charlie's Angels", Farrah Fawcett was in New York, after the press conference, he broke through the security guard and asked Farrah Fawcett signing the clothing mark. Then sold $ 1,500.

Later that night, his father asked,
"My son, three strands of experience selling these clothes, what do you understand?"

He replied, "As long as we want to think there must be a way."

His father shook his head,
"You're not wrong!
But I do not mean the father, the father just wanted to tell you that a piece of used clothing which is worth one dollar can also be increased in value.
Moreover, we as human beings?
Perhaps we are dark-skinned and poor, but what's the difference? "

Since then, he studied with harder and harder to undergo training, twenty years later, his name is famous worldwide.


When Leaving Maksiat Not because God

When Leaving Maksiat Not because God

AS we know that disobedience is a thing not pleasing to Allah.When we do that is forbidden by Allah that we have sinned.And it is sin that would hinder the blessing of our lives in this world. Therefore, as those who believe in God, we ought to strive to leave prohibited gods. This disobedience certainly leave solely because of Allah SWT. Then, what if someone leaves that are prohibited by the gods were not for God? Because the human example. Here's the explanation. First, when someone leaves prohibited by the gods, then he does not suffer from the following conditions:

1. He left a prohibited act gods of fear of God, then he is rewarding the actions of the left-vice. Because the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in the hadith Qudsi: "And when he left it -that kemaksiatan- because I necessarily I will record it as a favor," (Bukhari 7501).

2. He left prohibited gods because he wanted to be seen by men and seek praise from them. Then this is not rewarding if he left the disobedience. In fact, he sinned it. Because leaving disobedience is worship, and worship should not be done except just because God alone.

bn Rajab Al-Hanbali rahimahullah explains, "As if someone is determined to do the forbidden god then he left her for fear of getting caught humans, or because of riya 'in the presence of men, then said,' Look, he sinned with desertion disobedience because his intention, because he put people first, rather than fear of God. As the work of worship because of riya 'to humans is forbidden, so will leave because human disobedience was sin, "(complete excerpt from Jaami'ul Uloom wal Hikam 2/321).

Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyya rahimahullah explains, "Leaving immoral because apart from God, not because God alone, then he is guilty even though due to leave immoral, because she had left not because of God. As people working on a worship were not for God, he sinned. Therefore desertion something and away from practice is classified as liver, so if he's working on a worship besides Allah then he is entitled to sin, "(complete excerpt from Syifa'ul 'Aliil 170).

3. He left because of embarrassment to the human vices. So this is not sinful. But he was rewarding when he has a goal syar'i loved Allah Ta'ala. for example, he left it for fear disobedience denounced by the preachers and religious leaders in the area.

Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyya rahimahullah explained in order to differentiate from the previous condition of the above, "So if there is a question whether he was guilty for leaving disobedience to cause embarrassment to the people and defend his honor in their eyes, feared that honor falls due immoral acts, then God is not reproached and do not forbid it.

Another opinion expressed, not doubt that he was not tripping over it, hanyasanya he sinned taqarrub (closer) in humans and do riya 'to them. When he left disobedience was fear of God and closer to Him, but he thought not like it, then the difference between left immoral because taqarrub in humans and do riya 'on them, and left immoral because of shame on the man, afraid of their disorder when caught , and the fall of dignity. This then innocent it rewarding even if the goal is loved by God, for example, in order to maintain the dignity of propaganda, or that his message is received, and so forth, "(complete excerpt from Syifa'ul 'Aliil 170).

4. Leaving immoral because it simply did not want to do, not because of fear of God or because of another human factors. So he was not rewarding, too innocent.

Shaykh al-Islam rahimahullah explains, "As for when he left the vice of fear of Allah it will be recorded by God as perfect goodness. Based on the hadith, "Record it as a favor for that he left the (vice) because I am." []


Respect Anyone Also!

One day, there was a poor man who comes into a best-selling ice cream shop in town. He wants to buy A Cake, which is the most delicious cake among others. When he had passed the queue, the shop assistant asked her cakes Yelling and arrogant, "What do you want to buy ? if you do not bring money, better go!" The man replied, "I want to buy a cake is tar it, at what price?"

The waiter replied, "Rp. 69,000 "

The man took the money in his pocket, then count the coins he had. He has money of Rp. 55,000.

The waiter could not wait, and returning said gruffly, "hurry up, there are a lot of people waiting!" Said the waiter.  The man was surprised and asked, "How much tar cakes are innocent?"

The waiter impatiently replied, "Rp. 35,000, hey hurry up! "

The men were then counted the money back and he finally chose a plain tar Cake than Cake Tar with toping. After paying Cake tar it to the cashier, he immediately went.

In the afternoon, when the maid was cleaning the counter, the clerk walked over and handed the money Rp. 20,000. The cashier said that it was a tip given by a poor man had told the waitress.

The waiter just shut up and cry.

Respect him or her, even as he is only a poor man and do not brag, verily Allah swt only one who is most everything.